Wood Rot

Wood Rot – What is it and how to prevent it

Have you ever noticed the absence of wood in your home where it was once present? This indicates a serious problem known as wood rot. The good news? There are steps you can take to prevent it and treatment available if you already have it.

So, what is wood rot anyway?

As wood rots, it begins to diminish, until finally, it ceases to exist. It isn’t noticeable all at once because the process happens over time.

There are several reasons why wood can rot. One is fungi. Fungal spores depend on both air and water to survive. They land on wood, which over time is subjected to elements such as air and water, causing the spores to grow and the wood to rot.

Bacteria can also cause wood rot. This life form grows faster in the presence of dampness than does fungi, and can easily attach itself to wood, causing the same type of damage over time.

According to John Riha on House Logic, Fungi and bacteria are most likely to cause wood rot when ‘water gets into cracks and under painted surfaces and doesn’t dry out’. If not prevented or left untreated, it can spread, affecting the wood around it and eventually leading to major structural damage of your home.

How to prevent wood rot

The key to preventing wood rot is proper care. As pointed out in an article found on Make Wood Good, ‘if the conditions for life of the Fungi or bacteria are correct, air and water, then the wood rot will begin’.”You can keep this from occurring in a couple of ways.

  • Ensure the timber is too dry to encourage fungi growth by using the right paint or varnish.
  • Look for problem areas such as cracks in caulking, stains on ceilings, leaking gutters, peeling paint and debris trapped between deck boards.

You can remedy these issues by re-caulking, repairing leaks, repainting and removing debris.

What to do if you have wood rot

If you already have wood rot, you can treat it in several ways. The first step is to identify the water source causing the problem. If you are unable to do this, you should consider calling a professional who can help.

Once the water source has been identified and stopped, treatment can begin. This typically involves replacing the rotted wood, which can, unfortunately, be quite costly depending on the size and number of areas affected.

Becoming aware of wood rot and how it can affect your property is the first step to both avoiding and treating it. If you’re unsure about whether a problem exists, consider calling in an expert. As advised on Wise Property Care, ‘a professional property survey will be able to identify and reveal the full scope of any wet rot problem and the sources of any water ingress’.

Rocket Building Group can restore and maintain your timber windows, doors, weatherboards, fascia and eaves.

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In fact, repairing wood rot is one of our main services.  Using time, patience, and our special wood rot glue, we will take apart your door frame, window or wooden area that suffers from wood rot, and repair it.  We take the utmost care to ensure that the part of your house that has wood rot, will look like new once we have finished our treatment.

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